KORE Therapy

Kinasetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement (KORE) Therapy

  • A unique integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment
  • Raises awareness of what the body needs to address
  • Incorporates (clothed) Tuina massage which balances the spine and pelvis to release inflammation and clear pain
  • Proven effective in treating sports injuries, immune system problems leading to asthma, colds, fatigue etc, joint problems, IBS, Crohns, migraines, back pain and more
  • Treatment often leads to immediate muscle strength, increased gait efficiency and faster recovery from injury

KORE gets to the root of the problem!

KORE uses applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to pinpoint restrictions and imbalances in the bones, muscles, ligaments and joints.  Specialised massage, mobilisation and releasing-techniques facilitate the body’s recovery.  Re-testing is part of the treatment and proves where muscles are able to fire correctly or may prompt the healing process to continue.

What does it cost?

£40 per hour-long session or 7 for 6 (Terms and conditions apply).  Allow an extra 20 minutes for the first session to cover screening and diagnosis.  There is no extra charge for this.  Gift vouchers available.

“I have now had three KORE therapy massages with Sarah and I can’t recommend them enough.  This treatment has made a huge difference already.  Sarah identified areas of the body which need focussing on.  I am now making KORE therapy sessions a regular part of controlling my symptoms (and it also helps my stress)!”

Dr Catherine Flitcroft, Buxton

Call 07951 560854 to discuss how KORE Therapy might be of help to you. Or send an email using the following form: 

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