KORE – Sports & Remedial

KORE works to treat and prevent injury

  • Treats muscles which are tired, heavy and fatigued from hard training or competition
  • Ideal for pre and post event massage to help with competition preparation or to facilitate recovery
  • Involves a thorough screening and a tailored sports and remedial massage using a range of massage techniques

Sports and Remedial Massage addresses deviations in posture, muscle imbalances and compensation patterns.  Mobility and flexibility is restored to restricted muscles and joints and injured or weakened muscles are strengthened and lengthened.  Strained muscles can be treated and prevented from becoming more serious.  Improves Lymphatic and vascular circulation.

What does it cost?

£40 per hour-long session or 7 for 6 (Terms and conditions apply).  Allow an extra 20 minutes for the first session to cover screening and diagnosis.  There is no extra charge for this.  Gift vouchers available.

“I do a lot of running and was experiencing pain down the side of my knee. The treatment was in a relaxing environment, performed by someone who was confident, competent and who took the time to listen to my symptoms. Sarah explained what she was doing and why, helping me better understand my body. I was running again the day after, pain free.”

Mark, Buxton.

Call 07951 560854 to discuss how KORE Therapy might be of help to you. Or send an email using the following form: 

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